Copyright Policy

March 8 2013


All rights to the content published on this website are reserved. All graphic files, written files, writing, content, images are and remain the property of Lawns Plus LLC. Content not belonging to us has been digitized and published with the permission of our vendors. Rights to reuse any content not belonging to us are also reserved by their respective copyright-holders.

Content is not available for syndication, and no provisions for syndication have been made as of this time. But, given the publication medium, images and content from this site may be used in other contexts, such as the promotion of this website and Lawns Plus LLC without written content, the only stipulations being that the re-posting entity may not represent the republished content as being their own and copied content must be republished with full attribution with hyperlink citation pointing to the URI of the copied content, as found on our domain Republishing any content from our website out-of-context will be disavowed with the search engines that provide that facility and furthermore:

Infractions of this copyright policy may be, at the sole discretion of Lawns Plus LLC, subject to search engine take-down or deindexing pursuant to DMCA and subject to further legal action.


All source code, work-up files, scripts, script files, and algorithms that affect the visual rendering and layout of this website (including the ‘waterfall’ menu / navigation), remain the property of Toms River Web Design. Rights to republish, repurpose, copy-and-paste, or “borrow” any code used here is expressly forbidden and not transferred to the client or any 3rd party at any time for any reason. All libraries, frameworks, and content management systems are published and/or used here with full permission as granted by their appropriate MIT or GNU licenses.